Sacerdote Marble Ltd. host to has been serving the Stone Trade for the last 25 years.

We offer services to the different trades and specialize in the raw material procurement of slabs and tiles in Granite, Quartz, Quartzites, Marble, Onyx and Limestones etc.

We provide access to reliable resource suppliers and our independent Inspection Teams will inspect all material before packing containers.

Our services include:

- Secure & reliable supply chain for Stone Slabs & Stone Tiles
- Inspection
- Logistics
- Customs Clearance
- Container loads (full or partial)
Our materials are quarried in these supply countries:

North America
Canada, USA,

Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Greece

Middle East
Turkey, Egypt, Israel

Zimbabwe, Namibia, South Africa

South America
Brazil, Argentina

India, China

Container Capacities:
47-49 Slabs 3 cm
75-77 Slabs 2 cm
thin Tiles 1 cm 7000 - 7500 sqft

To speak to our Stone-Expert, please call 514 685 3111
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